How to Use a Single-Acting Dump Truck Cylinder

Published: June 30, 2016 Last Updated: June 20, 2023 How To Series, Industries, Telescopic Cylinders, Waste ,

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Most single acting dump truck cylinders have 2 ports on the main barrel or body. One port is typically located towards the top, or plunger end. The second port is generally positioned at the other end of the cylinder near the base, or blind end. The versatility of two ports allows cylinder manufacturers to make just one cylinder type instead of two.

Following this explanation we often get asked how to properly use just one port. It’s a simple three step process:

First, connect your hydraulic cylinder hose to the port that best meets your needs. Depending on your industry and purpose you know which port is best for your job.

Next, plug the additional port with a steel plug. We sell a variety of steel plugs and can walk you through the process if you have questions.

Finally, safely secure the unused portion of the hose out of the way of the primary cylinder operation.

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