Hydraulic Cylinder Innovation with New Website Features

May 15, 2018

As technology progresses and we move towards a faster paced, global economy, so do the valued customers of Hydraulic Cylinders Inc. That’s why we’ve looked at hydraulic cylinder innovation with new website features! Making it easy to navigate and getting questions answered quickly is our goal with these exciting changes.

For users that don’t speak english as a native language, we’ve incorporated multi language support into every page of the website. It’s as easy as selecting your language at the top of the page, and instantly, the entire site is now in your language. You’ll be able to browse product, perform searches, and even make purchases online in your native language.

If you’re on the website and are having trouble and need a quick question answered, we’ve got you covered! Now, in the lower right hand corner of the screen, you’ll notice a little red circle with a chat icon. Click it, and open a chat dialog with one of our hydraulic cylinder experts! It’s that easy. They’ll see the page of the website you’re on, and be able to answer your questions, or direct you to the right place to look to find what you need, or place your order!

If there is a feature that would make using the website easier for you, let us know at SALES@HYDRAULICCYLINDERSINC.COM. We’ve have some exciting changes coming, so check back for updates soon!