Tough industries require tough hydraulic cylinders. At Hydraulic Cylinders Inc, our cylinders are designed specifically to Demolish Downtime. That means our industry specific replacement hydraulic cylinders need to be powerful, durable, efficient. In other words, they’re able to withstand the challenges thrown at them. We offer extensive testing capabilities, material, ASME, DNV, BV & ABS certifications, and product traceability as requested. Providing our customers with proven, quality hydraulic cylinders that will perform in the field for years. Rest easy while your replacement cylinders do the hard work your equipment demands. Filter our cylinder assortment by equipment mfg, bore, rod, and stroke length. Of course, if you still need help finding the right cylinder for your industry, our hydraulic cylinder experts are just a phone call away. In other words, we are ready to assist you in finding the right telescopic cylinder for the job.