Mini excavators are much smaller than a standard excavator but are still tasked with big jobs. When it’s time to replace your compact excavator hydraulic cylinders and seals, not just any off-the-shelf product will do. You want to choose hydraulic boom excavator cylinders that are small in design but rugged enough to handle demanding operational requirements.

Demolish downtime with high-quality, USA-made mini excavator cylinders from Hydraulic Cylinders, Inc. These purpose-built cylinders fit Bobcat® and Kubota® compact excavators and feature a double-acting welded rod design. Our cylinders are built to last and handle demanding pressure and force requirements.

We also offer mini excavator cylinder seal kits for routine maintenance and repair. Prevent hydraulic fluid leaks by always replacing seals at the first sign of wear or damage. Options include:

  • Swing Seal Kits
  • Boom Seal Kits
  • Dozer Seal Kits
  • Arm Seal Kits
  • Blade Seal Kits
  • Track Expansion Seal Kits

Many of the excavator hydraulic boom cylinders and seals we offer are in stock and ready to ship. Place your order by 12:00 PM CST Monday-Friday for same-day shipping. Our hydraulic cylinder shop has replacement parts for almost every equipment type imaginable.  If you have trouble finding what you need, please send a quick message or give us a call.