Hydraulic Cylinders, Inc. is your leading supplier of built-to-last, high-performance telescopic cylinders.

From OEM-specific replacement telescoping cylinders to hydraulic cylinders designed to match your mobile or industrial equipment, we have the in-stock inventory, same-day shipping, and custom-manufacturing capabilities to complete your job on time, every time.

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Telescoping Cylinder Replacements

Telescopic cylinders pack powerful performances into compact, space-saving designs. Their multistage constructions allow for long strokes, high-force capabilities, and the ability to hold heavy loads while fully extended. Whether you’re looking to replace low-maintenance single-acting telescoping cylinders in a platform truck or purchase precision double-acting telescopics for dump hoists, HCI has the inventory to help you get your job done. Our high-quality replacement telescopic cylinders are built for efficiency, durability, and reliability—all at a fraction of OEM prices.

Custom Telescopic Cylinders

For OEMs and other equipment manufacturers, custom hydraulic cylinders built to your specifications and delivered on time are a must. Hydraulic Cylinders, Inc. can help. We work with our manufacturing partners to design, engineer, and provide fully custom single-acting or double-acting telescopic cylinders. From high-pressure tolerances to heavy-duty constructions to non-standard stroke lengths, our experienced team and network of partners will produce the exact telescopic cylinder you need to complete your equipment manufacturing accurately and without delay.

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HCI is Your Full-Line Replacement Telescopic Cylinder Supplier

From same-day shipping on in-stock single-acting telescopic cylinders to designing custom double-acting options, Hydraulic Cylinders, Inc. is here to demolish downtime at job sites.

Fast Shipping

Demolish downtime with same-day shipping on all in-stock telescopic hydraulic cylinder replacements. In-stock orders placed after 12 PM CST, Monday through Friday, will ship the following business day.

Expert Staff

Utilizing industry-leading databases and years of hands-on experience, our team answers your most frequently asked cylinder questions and delivers in-the-field telescoping cylinder solutions to get you back to work as soon as possible.

Catalogs & Worksheets

HCI removes the stress from finding the right replacement or custom telescopic hydraulic cylinder by providing in-depth catalogs and worksheets.

Vast Supplier Network

We work with an extensive range of telescopic cylinder manufacturers to deliver the best single-acting or double-acting telescopic cylinders for industrial or mobile OEM equipment.

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How to Choose the Right Telescopic Cylinder Replacement

Telescopic cylinders deliver versatile, flexible, and reliable results for your fleet. However, with so many options, configurations, and capabilities available, determining which replacement telescopic cylinder is best for your equipment can be challenging. Our comprehensive Guide to Buying Telescopic Cylinders is here to help. We walk you through:

  • The difference between telescopic cylinders and other designs
  • The difference between single-acting and double-acting telescoping cylinders
  • When to choose a custom option built to your specifications
  • How to determine the right hydraulic cylinder for your equipment
  • And much more!

No matter your goals, HCI has the experience and know-how to help you find the right telescopic solution and complete your job on time, in budget, and without delay. Explore our guide and other blogs to learn more.

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