USA-Made Custom Hydraulics for Mobile & Industrial Machinery

USA-Made Custom Hydraulics for Mobile & Industrial Machinery

Innovative hydraulic cylinders from Hydraulic Cylinders, Inc. are built to last and deliver high-quality and dependable performance. Request a quote to get started on a custom-made hydraulic cylinder from a trusted cylinder manufacturer.

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Fluid Power Associations

Custom-Made Hydraulic Cylinders

Custom Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

Designed and manufactured to withstand menacing force and speed requirements, our custom-made telescopic hydraulic cylinders deliver the strength and versatility needed for reliable performance.

  • Single-acting and double-acting custom telescopic cylinders
  • High-pressure tolerances
  • 5 stage custom options available
  • Stroke lengths up to 500”

Custom Welded Rod Cylinders

Low-profile options paired with seal packages based on fluid, pressure, and temperature requirements make our custom-manufactured welded rod cylinders a flexible choice for your machinery.

  • Medium-duty load capacities up to 2,500 PSI
  • Heavy-duty load capacities up to 5,000 PSI
  • Material options, including carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel
  • Stroke lengths up to 300”

Expert Services for High-Performing Custom Cylinders


American-made with precision machined components, our custom hydraulic design and manufacturing services adhere to or exceed strict industry and OEM standards.


Minimize downtime and eliminate hydraulic system inefficiencies with a custom-made hydraulic cylinder engineered to provide a competitive edge.


HCI’s custom-made, purpose-built hydraulic cylinders are designed and manufactured to deliver unsurpassed performance through application-specific customizations.

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Custom Cylinder Design & Manufacturing Capabilities

Custom Cylinder Design & Manufacturing Capabilities

Choosing a custom-made hydraulic cylinder is a good choice when you want design flexibility, manufacturing control, and a finished product that meets the individual needs of your equipment or application. Our engineering experts work closely with you to design and manufacture your ideal hydraulic cylinder with the features you need.

  • Integrated valve options, including counterbalancing, regenerative circuits, solenoid valves, and more
  • Position-sensing and computer-aided tech integration options
  • Numerous mounting options for both telescopic and welded rod cylinders

Our expert hydraulic cylinder manufacturers utilize advanced technology tools like AutoDesk Inventor for custom 3D modeling and complete all manufacturing in a state-of-the-art facility.

  • Finite element analysis highlights design strengths and weaknesses
  • Custom cylinders are dimensionally audited and pressure tested
  • Certified welders follow stringent protocols to ensure proper hydraulic assembly
  • Proprietary, industry-leading databases for proper customization/replacement cylinder design

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Custom Design Applications for Hydraulic Cylinders

Design and customize your next hydraulic cylinder. Our hydraulic configurators allow you to create a cylinder with the custom options your mobile and industrial equipment requires. Once you have configured your custom cylinder, one of our hydraulic experts will contact you to begin your hydraulic cylinder’s design and manufacturing process.

Hands-On Hydraulic Cylinder Advice & Advanced Industry Knowledge

Along with providing standard hydraulic cylinders and custom cylinder manufacturing abilities, HCI is committed to being your full-service hydraulic system partner. Our educational blog posts include custom hydraulic cylinder guides, maintenance advice, repair or replacement tips, and more. Check out our latest blog posts today.

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