The Mighty Tankholder

  • The Mighty Tankholder
  • The Mighty Tankholder
  • The Mighty Tankholder
  • The Mighty Tankholder
  • The Mighty Tankholder


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Introducing The Mighty Tankholder

The Mighty Tankholder is the first and highest quality tool built to limit or prevent fluid loss during routine maintenance on hydraulic fluid power systems. By creating a vacuum in the reservoir at the fluid’s surface, fluid does not leak even when hoses are disconnected or components are removed. Simply remove the filler breather cap, connect The Mighty Tankholder, and supply standard shop air. Ready to improve your shop’s efficiency? Order The Mighty Tankholder today!


When to Use the Mighty Tankholder

The Mighty Tankholder is the ideal solution for service, maintenance, and assembly work on industrial and mobile hydraulic systems, lubrication systems, and other fluid systems. Use it to prevent drainage while working on:

  • Replacing hoses, fittings, and adapters
  • Repairing or replacing pumps, motors, valves, and other components
  • Removing spools, cartridges, plugs, and other vital parts

How The Mighty Tankholder Works

Many pathways lead to your hydraulic system’s reservoir, including the pump suction line, motor case drain line, and valve return line. Disconnecting these lines for necessary maintenance and repairs can lead to drainage or leaking as gravity drains oils and fluids. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Completely power off your hydraulic system. Note: Running your hydraulic system while The Mighty Tankholder is connected to the reservoir can cause severe damage to pumps and other components.
  2. Remove the breather cap and install the correct adapter (bayonet, 3/4” NPT, or tapered rubber plug). If your system contains multiple caps, use one and plug the others.
  3. Connect compressed air using the quick disconnect fitting.
  4. Use the gauge to verify the vacuum pressure before replacing components, making repairs, or completing other maintenance.
  5. Complete your work. Leave The Might Tankholder connected throughout service.
  6. Disconnect the air coupler and remove The Mighty Tankholder from the reservoir.
  7. Reinstall breather cap and any secondary breathers.
  8. Resume normal operations.

Always consult your hydraulic system’s manufacturer’s manual and The Mighty Tankholder’s operational instructions before beginning any project to ensure that all specifications are met, safety precautions are in place, and regulations are followed.

Reduce Waste & Maximize Resources

Simple to use and straightforward to store, The Mighty Tankholder delivers many benefits to your facility, shop, or other operation. By applying this innovative equipment, you can reduce the use and disposal of:

  • Absorbent pads and socks
  • Granular absorbents
  • Shop rags
  • Drained fluid
  • Degreasing cleaners
  • And much more!

Additionally, by utilizing The Mighty Tankholder in your maintenance routine, you will be required to use significantly less replacement fluid while reducing the risk of component failure due to contamination from service work. Make the most of your time and resources with The Mighty Tankholder today!

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