High-Performance Custom Cylinders Manufactured to Your Specifications

Specialty jobs require custom solutions. Built for performance and designed to meet your custom application requirements, custom-manufactured welded rod cylinders offer the quality and flexibility you need. As your top supplier of custom welded rod cylinders from leading USA manufacturers, Hydraulic Cylinders, Inc.’s team of dedicated engineers and technicians will work with you to create custom designs that meet your specifications and exceed your expectations.

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Custom Welded Rod Cylinders You Can Depend On

Compared to tie-rod cylinders, welded rod cylinders pair a lightweight design with high-pressure and heavy-duty capabilities. They are found across an extensive range of industries but are particularly common in outdoor equipment operated in harsh environments, such as material handling, demolition, scrap, and construction.

HCI is proud to be a reliable USA-based custom welded rod hydraulic cylinder supplier, delivering the machinery you need to keep your job on schedule. Regardless of your market, our custom welded rod cylinders offer configurations that can withstand moderate and heavy loads in extreme conditions while adding enhanced functionality.

Custom Welded Rod Cylinder Capabilities

  • Medium-duty system pressures up to 2,5000 PSI
  • Heavy-duty system pressures up to 5,000 PSI
  • Single- and double-acting configurations
  • Bore diameter sizes ranging from 1.50” up to 20”
  • Stroke lengths up to 300”
  • Carbon, alloy, and stainless material options
  • Seal options based on fluid/pressure/temperature

Mounting Options for Welded Rod Cylinders

  • Clevis
  • Cross tube
  • Drill thru rod end
  • Foot (light-duty)
  • Lug
  • Spherical rod end
  • Threaded base
  • Clevis-threaded
  • Drill thru based mount
  • Flange
  • Foot (heavy-duty)
  • Spherical base end
  • Trunnion
  • And other mounts

Advanced Cylinder Design & Custom Manufacturing Services

As a leading custom cylinder supplier, HCI is uniquely positioned to deliver high-quality cylinders manufactured by the experts and engineered to give you a competitive edge. Our team utilizes innovative design tools and advanced CAD technology combined with decades of hydraulic experience to design a custom welded rod cylinder built to your specifications. When you are completely satisfied with your design, our cylinder manufacturer partners complete all services at their state-of-the-art USA facility.

By choosing a custom cylinder, you access complete design flexibility, enhanced manufacturing control, and a finished product that requires fewer repairs over a longer operational lifespan. Every welded rod cylinder we build is dimensionally audited and pressure tested to meet your strict quality standards as well as our in-house guidelines.

Rod Cylinder Diagram

Hydraulic Cylinder Measurement Guide

To be sure you are receiving an accurate estimate, determine the measurements of your current hydraulic cylinder components. Be sure to calculate the following:

  • Retracted and extended length
  • Stroke length
  • Base and rod mount dimensions and pin size
  • Rod diameter
  • Bore and port sizes

Custom Welded Rod Cylinder Request Form

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  • Basic Cylinder Information

  • Cylinder Dimensions

  • Additional Information