A tough industry like demolition and scrap requires a tough hydraulic cylinder. At Hydraulic Cylinders Inc, our cylinders are designed specifically to Demolish Downtime. That means the hydraulic cylinder we create for the demolition and scrap industry will need to be powerful, durable, efficient, and able to withstand the elements. We offer extensive testing capabilities, material, ASME, DNV, BV and ABS certifications and product traceability as requested, and provide our demolition and scrap customers with proven, quality hydraulic cylinders that will perform in the field for years. You can rest easy while our cylinders do the hard work your equipment demands.

Interested in learning more about how our Demolish Downtime hydraulic cylinders can work for you? Contact us with your questions. We’d love to provide you with a quality cylinder that can do the hard work your industry requires.

Select hydraulic cylinders & all component parts can be purchased online or call customer service at 888-771-1894 to place your order or obtain a quote.