Spherical Eye Brackets

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This bolt on spherical eye bracket is an industry standard base end connection for air (pneumatic) or hydraulic cylinders and can be used for new cylinders or to repair damaged cylinders from various manufacturers. The four through holes provide a means for connection to the cylinder and the through hole provides a pin connection to the machine. The spherical plain bearing allows for angular motion between the cylinder and the machine, or allows for misalignment. Interchanges with or similar to Parker Hannifin; Rexroth; Bosch; Georgia; Eaton; Atlas; Hanna; Peninsular; Yates

Product Variations

BDS-051/21/213/322-1/23/81-1/83/411/1611/161 31/50$215.00
BDS-073/43/417/323-1/25/81-7/81-1/41-3/161-3/162 14/25$425.00
BDS-101121/324-1/23/42-1/41-1/21-3/81-3/83 1/4$475.00
BDS-131-3/81-3/821/3257/832-1/8223 81/100$650.00
BDS-171-1/21-3/429/326-1/27/83-1/82-1/42-1/82-1/84 47/50$880.00
BDS-201-3/421-1/327-1/213-1/22-1/22-3/82-3/85 3/4$1,200.00