How Telescopic Cylinders Deliver Long-Term Cost Savings

Published: October 6, 2023 Last Updated: November 2, 2023 Telescopic Cylinders

Telescopic cylinders are the best choice for equipment requiring extended reach paired with a compact retracted design. Most commonly found in construction equipment, agricultural equipment, and industrial mobile vehicles, telescopic cylinders deliver versatile performances and are available in a variety of configurations to match your specifications.

Telescopic cylinders may have a reputation for being more expensive than welded rod designs, but the truth is that the advantages of telescoping cylinders quickly make up for the higher upfront price. In fact, their increased versatility, durability in tough environments, and extreme precision can save costs and increase profits for manufacturers and end-users.

Types of Telescoping Hydraulic Cylinders to Lower Costs & Increase Profits

Telescopic cylinders are available as single-acting or double-acting constructions. Both are highly efficient and cost-effective options for OEM production lines.

  • Single-acting telescopic cylinders feature simple designs and less complicated operations, lowering the overall cost. Compared to double-acting options, they save manufacturers money upfront and have lower repair costs for end-users.
  • Double-acting telescopic cylinders cost more upfront due to their more complex constructions. They also offer precision performance and increased control, allowing manufacturers to sell finished equipment at a higher price point and end-users to expand operational capacities.

The most suitable telescopic cylinder for your manufactured equipment will depend on your anticipated applications. For more information on selecting the best telescopic hydraulic cylinder for your planned production, visit our Guide to Buying Telescopic Cylinders.

Custom vs. Ready-to-Ship: Which Produces the Best Long-Term Cost Savings?

Once you’ve decided which telescoping cylinder configuration is best for your production line, it’s time to choose between a ready-to-ship hydraulic cylinder or a custom telescopic cylinder built to your specifications. Both offer excellent performances, but each has its own advantages and limitations. Your most suitable option will depend on the needs of your operation.

  • Ready-to-ship telescopic cylinders cost less upfront than custom options, ship fast, and get your production moving as soon as possible. Replacements are easily sourced, and orders can be fulfilled quickly. Compared to custom cylinders, they offer less design flexibility and versatility.
  • Custom hydraulic cylinders are built to your exact specifications. While they cost more upfront, they are made to your requirements for load capacity, working environment, and more. Due to designing, engineering, and manufacturing, they come with longer turnarounds and slower timelines than in-stock cylinders.

HCI is Your Trusted Supplier of Custom & Aftermarket Telescoping Cylinders

Demolish downtime on your OEM production line by choosing Hydraulic Cylinders, Inc as your full-line supplier of high-quality aftermarket telescopic hydraulic cylinders. Our custom-built or in-stock cylinders produce high-quality and efficient operations in any industrial or mobile equipment, and we’re ready to support your operations with in-the-field knowledge and vast industry experience.

Contact us today to learn more about how replacement telescopic cylinders can lower the cost of your manufacturing operations. Request a quote to begin a custom telescoping cylinder order.

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