Skid Steers: Dynamic Equipment for Any Job Site

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Skid steers have been a staple at job sites for decades. Often used for snow removal, landscaping, construction zones, or in many other places, skid steers are compact pieces of machinery that can add value to any fleet.

Versatile Skid Steers for Snow Removal & Other Essential Applications

Sometimes also called skid-steer loaders, skid steers are named for the unique way the vehicle turns. Due to the wheels or tracks being fixed, skid steers must be directed by speeding up the sides individually, causing the skid steer to drag (or skid) across your work surface. This feature allows skid steers to make tight turns, navigate complex spaces, and add precision to any operation.

Skid steers are inherently customizable to meet the needs of your job site. Along with their maneuverability, skid steers are available in many sizes to handle your operation’s requirements. While exact load capacities will vary depending on your skid steer model, smaller equipment can typically lift up to 1,550 lbs, while larger skid steers can handle up to 3,700 lbs. These features make skid steers the top choice for many mobile and industrial applications:

Choosing the Right Skid Steer for Your Operations

Skid steers are configurable for an extensive range of digging, lifting, pushing, and moving applications. Manufactured by leading OEMs such as Bobcat and Kubota, skid steers are commonly equipped with a bucket attachment. However, hooks, tillers, grading bars, and other tools can be connected to match your needs. These attachments are moved and manipulated by hydraulic systems and powered by hydraulic cylinders.

Should I Invest in a Tracked or Wheeled Skid Steer?

Skid steers are constructed with either four wheels or two tracks. While each is directed through differential steering, skid steer loaders with wheels and skid steer loaders with tracks (sometimes called compact track loaders) are each suited to different applications, environments, and jobs. Still, both will deliver great performances and enhance your fleet’s overall capabilities.

Choose a Skid Steer with Wheels When…

  • Your job site involves level surfaces
  • Maintenance and upfront costs are a primary concern
  • You want to maintain landscaped surfaces
  • You are working in areas with space restrictions
  • You need to move lighter weight loads
Choose a Skid Steer with Tracks When…

  • Your job site involves wet, muddy, or snowy ground
  • You are working on a hill or slope
  • You require a smoother overall ride
  • You have extra maneuvering space
  • You need to move heavy loads

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