When you need a custom hydraulic cylinder, quality and reliability are non-negotiable. Custom hydraulic cylinders must be designed to withstand the unforgiving demands most applications require. They should also provide versatility and high-performance output that can give you a competitive edge.

As a market-leading custom hydraulic cylinder provider, HCI is dedicated to delivering high-quality custom hydraulic cylinders that are designed, engineered, and customized to meet your exact application requirements. We understand time is money. Having a reliable, high-performing custom cylinder means less downtime for you. Our hydraulic cylinders and components are manufactured and assembled in the US. This ensures a quick turnaround time while also providing the best-in-class custom hydraulic cylinders.

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders - Built to Last

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders - Built to Last

We engineer our hydraulic cylinders to deliver unsurpassed performance that offers application-specific customization to meet your real-world requirements. Our hydraulic cylinder design features include precision machined components that allow for complete customization. When stock hydraulic cylinders won’t do, count on HCI to deliver the quality and value you need.

With extensive experience working with both mobile and industrial hydraulic systems, we provide our custom hydraulic cylinders for a variety of industries and application uses. Not a commodity, we design purpose-built cylinders that are designed to last. From processing plants to telecommunications towers to gas and oil, we have the experience and engineering knowledge you can trust for your next custom hydraulic cylinder.

Hydraulic Cylinder Capabilities

Hydraulic Cylinder Capabilities

Cylinders are built in state-of-the-art facilities and team of experienced hydraulic professionals follow strict testing protocols to ensure your custom industrial-grade cylinder reflects our commitment to our craft. Our engineering capabilities include utilizing advanced technology tools such as AutoDesk Inventor for 3D modeling. Finite element analysis allows us to highlight any strengths or weaknesses in the hydraulic design, ensuring your custom cylinder can withstand the demands for your specific application.

Certified welders follow weld protocols that ensure your custom cylinder is assembled and ready to work for you. All custom cylinders are dimensionally audited, and pressure tested.

Detailed information from our hydraulic cylinder measurement guide can be found here.

  • Designs with bore sizes from 1.50” to 20”
  • Stroke lengths up to 300”
  • Single- and double-acting configurations
  • Medium-duty system pressures rated up to 2,500 psi
  • Heavy-duty system pressures rated up to 5,000 psi
  • Single-acting cylinders
  • Double-acting cylinders
  • Combination single and double-acting cylinders
  • Maximum bore size available up to 15”
  • Stroke lengths up to 500”

Integrated Valve Options

Our custom hydraulic cylinder designs can include compact valve manifold options. Special valve options include:

  • Counterbalancing valves
  • Load holding cartridge vales
  • Pilot operated check valves
  • Regenerative circuits
  • Sequence valves
  • Solenoid valves
  • Velocity fuses

We also have position sensing, computer-aided cylinder technologies that can be integrated into your custom hydraulic cylinder.

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Accept nothing less than the best from your custom hydraulic cylinder. Our team of engineers and technical experts are ready to discuss your custom hydraulic needs today. Contact us for more information or fill out our custom welded rod cylinder form or custom telescopic cylinder form today.

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