Global Shield – Breathing Life Into Aging Cylinders

scrap metal grapple picking up metal in a junkyardGlobal concerns about hazardous “coating difference” material is on the rise.  Manufacturers are searching for an affordable, alternative, corrosion-resistant technology that exceeds the performance of Engineered Hard Chrome (EHC) or Nitride (Ni) while matching or exceeding alternative high performance coatings. Parker Hannifin Corporation’s Global Shield coating is a highly engineered proprietary technology that has the potential to dramatically extend the life of hydraulic cylinders by providing exceptional corrosion resistance in the most challenging environments.

This innovative coating can be applied during original hydraulic cylinder manufacture, or during aftermarket hydraulic cylinder maintenance. Global Shield provides protective performance comparable to far more costly coatings and substrates using a process that is both efficient and environmentally responsible. This innovative coating provides several performance advantages, when compared with conventional coating technologies;

  • Improvements in operational productivity, through significant reductions in downtime related to cylinder and seal repairs and replacements
  • Extended hydraulic seal life through the coating’s lower coefficient of friction.
  • Customizable finishes to a wide range of thicknesses, as appropriate to specific application requirements and for resurfacing of damaged rods.
  • Strippable without grinding for ease of removal and coating during remanufacture.
  • Ability to apply coating to line-of-sight (OD) and non line-of-sight (ID) geometries
  • A smaller carbon footprint, due to a more efficient manufacturing.

Wondering just how good Global Shield technology is? It’s been thoroughly tested in the lab and the field to validate performance in the areas of corrosion and dynamic wear resistance. Hydraulic cylinders protected with Global Shield coating have demonstrated resistance to corrosion up to eight times longer than conventional coatings. It’s a great way to breathe new life into an aging hydraulic cylinder.

global shield coating comparison chart

If you have an application with a high-duty cycle, and zero tolerance for downtime, call one of our Hydraulic Cylinder Experts at (888)771-1894  or shop online to put Global Shield Technology to use for your business.

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