What to Know When Purchasing Snow Plow Hydraulic Cylinders

Published: January 22, 2024 Last Updated: March 25, 2024 Aftermarket Bobcat Cylinders, Industries

Snow waits for no one. When it’s time to clear streets, scrape ice, and complete other critical winter snow removal jobs, you need reliable snow plow cylinders that perform at a high level. Tasked with raising, lowering, angling, and floating blades, snow plow hydraulics can be brought to a standstill by faulty, damaged, or old cylinders. When the usual troubleshooting and maintenance steps don’t work, it will be time to purchase a cylinder replacement for your skid steer or snow plow.

Considerations for Selecting Snow Plow Cylinders

Replacement cylinders are a significant investment for any fleet. Considerations for which cylinder is best for your snow plow hydraulics system can include:

  • Bore diameter
  • Rod diameter
  • Pin hole diameters
  • Specialty materials or coatings
  • And other factors specific to your equipment

Double-Acting Snow Plow Cylinders are Built to Handle Rugged Conditions

Snow plow hydraulics use double-acting welded rod hydraulic cylinders for lifting, moving, and pushing heavy snow or ice. These models offer durable performances in harsh conditions and stand up to tough winters or deep cold. To handle the rigors of your job, double-acting snow plow cylinders offer:

  • Control and precision during extension and retraction
  • Heavy-duty lifting capabilities
  • Compact designs
  • High-pressure capabilities

Before purchasing any replacement snow plow hydraulic cylinders, always consult your equipment’s manufacturer manual for specifications and requirements unique to your snow plow. Call 888-771-1894 for assistance navigating your options and selecting the best cylinder for your machinery.

Custom Designs for Snow Plow Hydraulics

Not all plows, skid steers, or other snow removal equipment are satisfied with off-the-shelf options. For these cases, custom snow plow cylinders may be your best solution. Custom cylinders are designed to your specifications, built to handle the rigors of your job, and take every detail of your work into account. While custom designs require longer turnarounds and a higher cost than ready-to-ship replacements, you are guaranteed a final cylinder that matches your requirements.

The Benefits of Choosing Aftermarket Snow Plow Cylinder Replacements

Once you have found the right snow plow cylinder for your equipment, it will be time to choose between purchasing directly from the OEM or working with a trustworthy third-party supplier. While most people assume OEMs are the best choice to maintain continuity within your fleet, the reality is that third-party suppliers, such as Hydraulic Cylinders, Inc, offer many critical advantages:

  • Lower upfront costs
  • Faster turnarounds and increased availability
  • Higher quality materials and manufacturing processes
  • Greater customization capabilities
  • Improved performances, including speed, pressure, or increased flow

Demolish Plow Downtime with HCI

When you need high-performance replacement snow plow hydraulic cylinders delivered on time and as ordered, you need Hydraulic Cylinders, Inc. Our expansive inventory includes aftermarket cylinders for equipment manufactured by leading OEMs, including Bobcat. Order before 12 PM CST to take advantage of same-day shipping on all in-stock orders, minimizing downtime for your snow removal job.

Contact us today to learn more about your snow plow hydraulic cylinder options. Request a quote to begin a specialty order. A highly trained representative will be in touch as soon as possible.

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