What to Consider When Choosing a Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder

Large Red Dump Truck with Lift TrailerTelescopic hydraulic cylinders are ideal for applications where force space is limited. Telescopic cylinders provide extended reach, making them perfect for heavy construction machinery, dump trucks, and other industrial mobile vehicles.

While it may seem simple at first, choosing and buying the right hydraulic cylinder can be a time-consuming and overwhelming. Knowing you need a telescopic cylinder versus a welded rod or tie-rod cylinder is the first step. Learn about telescopic cylinder basics and see which type of cylinder is best for your requirements.

Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder Basics

When deciding which telescopic cylinder is right for you, it is important to think about whether you need a standard telescopic cylinder or custom telescopic cylinder.

  • Replacement telescopic hydraulic cylinders are a great way to keep your industrial heavy machinery up and running. When standard options won’t do, custom telescopic cylinders can be built to spec.
  • Custom designed telescopic cylinders can be made with load capacities in mind, allowing for enhanced capacity, stroke lengths, and number of stages that standard telescopic cylinders can’t match.

Choosing the right telescopic cylinder design also requires knowledge of the number of stages, stroke length, and largest OD stage (outside diameter). Knowing the correct measurements needed for your telescopic cylinder can help you choose a cylinder that will meet your requirements and specifications.

Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder Types

Telescopic cylinders are commonly available in single-acting, double-acting, or combination single and double-acting types. While all are considered telescopic cylinders, each cylinder type has its own advantages.

Single-Acting Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

Simple in design, single-acting telescopic cylinders extend via hydraulic pressure and retract via external pressure or gravity. They are ideal for dump truck or platform truck trailer equipment.

Double-Acting Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

More complex than single-acting cylinders, double-acting telescopic cylinders retract and extend via hydraulic pressure. Double-acting cylinders are ideal for applications where external force cannot retract the cylinder.

Single and Double-Acting Combination Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

Combination telescopic cylinders will utilize hydraulic pressure for part of the stroke, and external force/gravity finishes the retraction. The plunger rods can be single or double-acting.

Factors to Consider for Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

Some factors to consider when choosing a telescopic hydraulic cylinder include:

  • Function
    • Common cylinder functions include platform lifts, dump hoists, dump lifts, and pack/eject
  • Base end mount
    • Base end mount configurations include drilled thru lug, cross-tube, spherical bearing, and trunnion
  • Rod end mount
    • Typical rod end mount positioning includes drilled thru lug, drilled thru rod, spherical bearing, trunnion, and ball mount configurations

Mobile Applications for Telescopic Cylinders

Common industrial mobile equipment that benefits from telescopic cylinders:

  • Dump trucks
  • Platform truck trailers
  • Frontloaders
  • Sideloaders
  • Drill rigs
  • Transfer trailers
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Construction machinery

Let Us Help You Find the Right Telescopic Cylinder for Your Industrial Equipment

Whether you need a single-acting or double-acting telescopic hydraulic cylinder, make sure the telescopic cylinder you select can withstand workload demands.

Hydraulic Cylinders Inc. manufactures replacement telescopic cylinders and custom telescopic cylinders. Our telescopic hydraulic cylinders are performance-built, made in the USA, and ready to work for you. Request a quote or call us at 866-817-9043.

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