OEM vs. Aftermarket Hydraulic Cylinders for Construction Equipment

Published: April 26, 2023 Last Updated: April 26, 2023 Construction, Industries

Construction involves extreme temperatures, rugged work conditions and environments, and long operational hours. No matter how well you maintain your equipment, the time may come when you need to replace your machinery’s hydraulic cylinders. While considering your replacement hydraulic cylinder options, you will need to evaluate if an OEM or aftermarket cylinder is best for your goals, budget, and fleet.

What is the Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Hydraulic Cylinders?

Both OEM and aftermarket options can be installed in your equipment to replace old, damaged, or worn construction hydraulic cylinders. However, there are a few key differences between these two providers.

OEM Hydraulic Cylinders

An OEM hydraulic cylinder is manufactured by the same company that made your machinery. For example, if you’re purchasing a replacement cylinder for your Bobcat excavator, an OEM hydraulic cylinder replacement would be manufactured by and purchased from Bobcat.

Aftermarket Hydraulic Cylinders

An aftermarket hydraulic cylinder is manufactured by a reliable third party to meet the needs of any OEM construction equipment. They can be customized to your specifications, meet or exceed OEM requirements, and often are the more cost-effective option for construction fleets.

Drawbacks to Choosing OEM Hydraulic Cylinders for Construction Machinery

Many think the best choice is an OEM hydraulic cylinder as they come from the same source as your equipment. This assumption is often untrue.

OEM hydraulic cylinders are a significantly more expensive option, making them difficult to obtain for construction outfits with budgetary concerns. If your equipment is older, the OEM may no longer manufacture cylinders that match your specifications. Choosing an OEM hydraulic cylinder replacement for construction equipment can also lead to longer turnarounds due to extended waitlists, material shortages, and unnecessary bureaucracy.

How Aftermarket Hydraulic Cylinders Enhance Construction Fleets

Aftermarket hydraulic cylinder replacements for construction equipment add many benefits to your job site. They are significantly more cost-effective than OEM hydraulic cylinders. Aftermarket hydraulic cylinders can be built to your specifications, resulting in better durability, longevity, and more customization options. Most aftermarket hydraulic cylinders also feature a warranty, giving you peace of mind and removing worry over possible defects or performance issues.

The most notable advantage of choosing aftermarket hydraulic cylinders is that you can match the diverse needs of your fleet. Most construction fleets are comprised of equipment from a variety of OEMs, including Bobcat, Caterpillar, John Deere, and others. A trustworthy aftermarket hydraulic cylinder supplier will be able to provide quality replacements for these brands and more, including for equipment such as:

By purchasing all replacement cylinders from a single source, you can simplify your buying process, minimize downtime, and get back to work as soon as possible.

HCI is Your Top Supplier of Aftermarket Replacement Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders, Inc. is your full-service supplier of the best aftermarket hydraulic cylinder replacements. Whether you need replacement cylinders for construction equipment, agricultural machinery, or other industrial fleets, we offer the custom-manufactured options and ready-to-ship in-stock cylinders you require to demolish downtime on any job site.

Contact us or request a quote to learn more about how aftermarket hydraulic cylinder replacements can enhance the performance of any construction equipment or other machinery.

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