How to Measure a Hydraulic Cylinder

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tape measure, measuring tapeThe time has come to replace your hydraulic cylinder. Where do you begin? Correctly measuring and sizing your hydraulic cylinder can alleviate issues that can arise when replacing your cylinder. Learn about what cylinder components need to be measured and understand how to measure them correctly with our simple measurement guide.

Common Measurements for Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinder measurements should include primary component measurements. Tools to measure hydraulic cylinder components include a tape measure and/or calipers.

Primary Components for Hydraulic Cylinder Measurement

  • Retracted length of a hydraulic cylinder
    • Measurement is the center of a pin to center of a pin when the cylinder is fully retracted
  • Extended length of a hydraulic cylinder
    • Measurement is the center of a pin to center of a pin fully extended
  • Stroke length
    • Measurement is the extended length of a hydraulic cylinder minus the retracted length
  • Bore diameter
    • Measure the outside diameter of the cylinder and subtract the tubing wall thickness
    • Standard bore sizes range from 1.5” up to 6” bore diameters
  • Rod diameter
    • Measurement is primarily done with a caliper
  • Base mount pin size
  • Rod mount pin size
  • Base and rod mount dimensions
  • Determine port size and style

Note that your hydraulic cylinder type can be single or double-acting and can be welded or telescopic. Knowing which type of hydraulic cylinder you are replacing is important for accurate cylinder replacement.


Welded Rod Hydraulic Cylinder Diagram


Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder Diagram


Why Proper Measurement is Important for Replacement Hydraulic Cylinders

Save yourself time and money by measuring your hydraulic cylinder before you need to replace it. Having the measurements ready ahead of time can ensure your replacement cylinder is not only correctly measured for your replacement, but also keeps your shop organized for quick replacement turnaround.

Check Out Our Hydraulic Cylinder Measurement Guide

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Get Expert Assistance for Replacement Hydraulic Cylinders

Check out HCI’s replacement hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic component parts. If you need more assistance with selecting the best replacement hydraulic cylinder, call us at 1-866-817-9071. We can walk you through the measurement process and help determine which replacement cylinder type is best suited for your needs.