How To: Parker® Single-Acting Telescopic Cylinder Reseal Procedure

Published: August 26, 2019 Last Updated: December 15, 2023 How To Series, Telescopic Cylinders ,

In this video, you will learn the procedure and tools required to reseal a single stage of your Parker Single-Acting Telescopic Cylinder.

Telescopic Cylinder Resealing Supplies

You will need the following hydraulic cylinder repair tools to disassemble and reseal your single-acting telescopic cylinder. All tools are available for purchase on our website.

A separate repacking kit is also needed to reseal each telescopic cylinder stage. Hydraulic Cylinders Inc. offers Premium Aftermarket Seal Kits for Commercial/Parker cylinders, including Series S53, S62, S63, S64, S73, S74, S84, S85, S95 and more.

Steps for Resealing a Parker Telescopic Cylinder

Follow these steps to disassemble your Parker telescopic cylinder. Refer to the tutorial video to see which tools are used for each step. Remember to place a funnel and large container under the hydraulic cylinder head to catch loose parts and collect fluid during disassembly.

  1. Remove grease zerk
  2. Remove the packing gland nut set screw
  3. Remove packing gland nut
  4. Remove port plug
  5. Remove bearing
  6. Remove packing V adapter
  7. Remove v packings
  8. Remove wave spring
  9. Remove threaded stop ring
  10. Remove plunger
  11. Replace piston wear ring

Remove and dispose of the old component parts and open your new repacking kit. Follow these steps to rebuild the telescopic cylinder.

  1. Install plunger
  2. Install threaded stop ring
  3. Install wave spring
  4. Install v packings
  5. Install bearing
  6. Install wiper and packing gland nut
  7. Install grease zerk
  8. Install packing gland nut set screw

Repeat the above steps for each stage you are repacking. After you finish rebuilding the telescopic cylinder, it’s time to reinstall. Make sure all connections are tight and check the hydraulic fluid level. Test your telescopic cylinder before using the equipment on a job site.

Replacement Parker Telescopic Cylinders and Repacking Kits

Hydraulic Cylinders Inc. offers replacement Parker telescopic cylinders and component parts proudly made in the USA. We process and ship your order fast to help you demolish downtime. Visit our online telescopic cylinder shop to search cylinders by manufacturer, type, and features. You can also find more hydraulic cylinder maintenance tips and information on our blog.

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