What Hydraulic Cylinder Do I Need for My Bobcat®?

Published: June 23, 2021 Last Updated: May 26, 2023 Aftermarket Bobcat Cylinders, Agricultural, Construction, Industries

Replacing worn or damaged hydraulic cylinders during preventative maintenance helps prevent costly equipment downtime in the field. With so many Bobcat® hydraulic cylinder replacements available online, determining which cylinder is best for your Bobcat excavator or skid steer isn’t always easy.

Determining Your Bobcat Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement Requirements

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to Bobcat hydraulic cylinder replacements. Knowing what to look for in terms of size, style, performance capabilities, and quality will help you find your best solution. For example, large and compact excavators will have different size requirements. Skid steer loaders also come in several models, all with different hydraulic performance needs.

Bobcat equipment uses several types of hydraulic cylinders to complete various functions. Recognizing the common name will help you quickly identify which Bobcat hydraulic cylinder replacement parts you need to purchase.

Locating the Part Number on Your Bobcat Hydraulic Cylinder

The easiest way to find the correct aftermarket Bobcat skid steer parts or replacement cylinders for excavators is by part number. This number is usually stamped on the barrel of your hydraulic cylinder. Sometimes, you will need to remove a few layers of paint to see the part number clearly. Watch our video on how to remove paint from your Bobcat hydraulic cylinder without causing damage.

Measuring Your Hydraulic Cylinder Components

In cases where you cannot locate a part number, you can use measurements to find replacement excavator and skid steer loader hydraulic cylinders. The first step is to measure the interior cylinder bore (piston) diameter. Once you have that number, you can measure the rod diameter, stroke length, and mount and port sizes. Once you have the measurements, you can find an aftermarket Bobcat hydraulic cylinder that matches your machinery’s specifications.

Need assistance? Our cylinder measurement guide walks you through each step to ensure you get the most accurate measurements. This online welded rod cylinder worksheet is another useful tool for generating a quote based on your required measurements. Call 888-771-1894 for further support.

Bobcat Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement Options

Bobcat Skid Steer Loader Hydraulic Parts

sketch of a skid steer bobcat highlighting the lift cylinder
Lift Cylinder from Skid Steer
sketch of a skid steer bobcat highlighting the lift cylinder
Tilt Cylinder From Skid Steer


Bobcat Excavator Hydraulic Cylinders

Sketch of an excavator highlighting the blade cylinder
Blade Cylinder
Sketch of an excavator highlighting the bucket cylinder
Bucket Cylinder from Excavator
Sketch of an excavator highlighting the boom cylinder
Boom Cylinder
Sketch of an excavator highlighting the arm cylinder
Arm Cylinder

Evaluating Replacement Cylinders for Bobcat Machinery

Investing in high-quality Bobcat hydraulic cylinders and parts reduces maintenance and downtime, saving you more money in the long run than less expensive, cheaply made products. As not all suppliers are created equal, look for the following features in your hydraulic cylinder replacement:

  • Ductile iron head gland with buttress threads: less galled or damaged threads than cylinders with aluminum OEM glands
  • Ductile iron piston with replaceable bearing: results in less wear and a longer cylinder life than cylinders with an aluminum OEM piston
  • High-quality seals: extends life
  • SAE or JIC flared ports: reduced chance of cylinder leaks
  • USA-manufactured: ensures quality in materials and manufacturing

HCI Supplies High-Quality Cylinders for Cost-Effective Operations

When you are running multiple pieces of equipment in challenging operating conditions on construction sites, you need aftermarket Bobcat skid steer parts and replacement cylinders for Bobcat excavators that you can trust. HCI is here to help. We supply USA-made Bobcat replacement hydraulic cylinders that are built to last, along with hydraulic cylinder replacements to meet other leading OEM specifications. From telescopic cylinders to welded rod options to completely custom designs, we have the inventory and Bobcat knowledge to satisfy any order.

Contact us today to learn more about our available aftermarket Bobcat skid steer loader hydraulic parts, Bobcat excavator cylinder replacements, and other products. Request a quote to begin a specialty order.

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