When to Replace Your Hydraulic Cylinder

hydraulic cylinder running outsideThe eternal question. . . replace or repair?

Given enough time, money, and knowledge, any mechanical device can be repaired. Realistically, the time will come when it is no longer feasible to repair and the only practical option is replacing your hydraulic cylinder. Recognizing when to replace a hydraulic cylinder can be one of the most difficult, yet crucial diagnostic assessments for maintenance personnel to make.

More obvious signs that your hydraulic cylinder needs to be replaced include:

Ideally, hydraulic cylinder preventative maintenance can help decrease the likelihood of replacing your hydraulic cylinder. However, hydraulic cylinder wear and tear occurs even with regular maintenance schedules. Components like hydraulic seals are not always visible, making it more difficult to detect torn seals without completely disassembling and reassembling the hydraulic cylinder.

Hydraulic Cylinder Component Failure Factors

When a hydraulic cylinder does not have obvious signs of needing replacement but continues to have performance issues, a more detailed assessment is warranted. More detailed component failure factors include:

  • The piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is scored, marred, or buckled
  • There is a cracked piston, barrel, or other components
  • On telescopic cylinders, the sleeve or stage is bulged, scored, or undersized
  • The main barrel I.D is scored
  • Cylinder mountings are misaligned or damaged

Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement Considerations

When considering replacing your hydraulic cylinder, the following factors should be examined before a decision is made regarding whether to replace or repair the cylinder.

  • The cost of downtime
  • Cost and availability of a new cylinder
  • Critical applications
  • Component serviceability
  • Maintenance department competence
  • Cost and time to repair the cylinder

While not all hydraulic cylinder performance issues will warrant replacement, often replacing the hydraulic cylinder versus repairing it will provide a long-term, cost-effective advantage.

Trust the Replacement Hydraulic Cylinder Experts

Replacing your hydraulic cylinder at the right time can provide not only peace of mind but enable you to continue business as usual without the dreaded downtime. Keep your mobile and industrial machinery up and running with high-performance replacement hydraulic cylinders from HCI.

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