Rebuilding a Hydraulic Cylinder

rebuilding, lubricating, hydraulic, cylinderDay in and day out, you need your hydraulic cylinder to not only perform optimally but dependably as well. Downtime can cost you valuable time and money, leaving you to find the right hydraulic cylinder rebuild or repair solution fast. Rebuilding or repairing your hydraulic cylinder affords you the peace of mind knowing your cylinder can withstand your work demands in addition to having a reliable hydraulic system that is ready to work when you need it most.

Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild or Repair?

While cylinder rebuild and repair may seem interchangeable, there are similarities and differences between the two options. Rebuilding often includes component replacement where the replaced component can be a performance-built aftermarket option that is rebuilt at or to exceed OEM standards. Repair often involves fixing specific parts of the cylinder that may have damage or suffered failure.

Similarities between Rebuild and Repair

  • Physical damage or misalignment
  • Cylinder seal wear and tear
  • Contaminated fluids

Differences between Rebuild and Repair

  • Rebuilding is often more time intensive and more expensive than repair
    • Rebuilding a cylinder is still a cost-effective way to fix cylinder damage
  • Repair provides a cost-efficient way to fix physical cylinder damage

Rebuilding a Hydraulic Cylinder

When compared to total cylinder replacement, rebuilding your hydraulic cylinder may be the best long-term option. Rebuilt cylinders offer you a more affordable way for high-quality component replacement with a potentially longer lifespan than cylinders that have undergone numerous repairs. Rebuilt cylinders also have quick turnaround times to keep your mobile and industrial machinery up and running.

Common Repairable Hydraulic Cylinder System Problems

One of the most common repairable issues that arise includes wire ring or threaded head cylinder repair. Before repairing either type of cylinder, it is important to disassemble your hydraulic cylinder in a clean, dry area. While this may not always be permissible, especially if you are doing field repairs, keeping your cylinder free of debris and moisture can eliminate unnecessary issues from arising. Aftermarket component parts can ensure you have the necessary equipment for hydraulic cylinder repair.

Learn More About Hydraulic Cylinder Maintenance

While rebuilding and repairing your hydraulic cylinder is often an economical choice, there are times when hydraulic cylinder replacement is the best option for your needs. Read more about our hydraulic cylinder maintenance tips in our blog posts.

Rebuild or Repair Your Hydraulic Cylinder with the Best Component Parts

Whether you need to rebuild or repair your hydraulic cylinder, make sure you are using the best component parts for your needs. HCI offers custom replacement hydraulic cylinders as well as wide selection of accessories and tools.

Contact us to discuss your cylinder rebuild or repair needs with us or design a custom rod cylinder today.

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