Tips for Shipping Hydraulic Cylinders Safely

Published: June 15, 2016 Last Updated: July 11, 2023 How To Series ,

At Hydraulic Cylinders, Inc., we are dedicated to delivering the exact cylinder you need to get the job done. However, those cylinders won’t mean much to you if they don’t arrive safely. Proper shipping practices must be followed to guarantee safe delivery of these important parts.

Here are a few things we pay attention to when shipping hydraulic cylinders:

Strong, durable skids & containers

Strong pallets, skids and containers are where it all starts when safely shipping hydraulic cylinders. Care is taken to band the cylinder(s) properly. Once banded the package is shrink wrapped for redundant stability and to keep the cylinders dry and clean.

Evenly distributed weight

Shipping packages get bumped, jostled, and sometimes even dropped during shipment. Evenly distributed weight helps protect your cylinder from excessive movement. It also helps keep the shipment from becoming damaged from handling or simply just bouncing in a truck.

Properly labeled packaging

It would be a shame to put all this effort into proper packing, only to have your cylinder held up by improper labeling. Labeling requirements differ based on the item being shipped and its destination. Paying attention to this small detail prevents big headaches later on.

We take the necessary steps to make sure that you not only get the right cylinders, but that you get them in the condition and time frame you require. Our Technical Sales personnel also have the knowledge and capability to fulfill Municipal and Export bid requirements for hydraulic cylinders.

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